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Ghosts? Angels? Aliens? This collection of short tales concerns entities which could be any of these. Could they really exist? Or are they only part of our imagination?

About the stories…

“Them” is a story of alien abduction, published in the book Bardic Tales and Sage Advice in 2005.

“The Long View” concerns one woman’s reflections on the life she has left behind, and was published by Wet Ink Press in 2006, and also in The Hub magazine in 2007.

“The Hearing” (aka The Trial) explores what happens when a guardian angel is put on trial. This story was published in InvisibleInk.com’s book of short stories, Invisible Ink 1.

“Forbidden” is a story about the most illicit of love affairs – the secret passion between an angel and a demon. My screenplay version of this won third prize in the Gimme Credit Short Screenplay Competition in 2008.

“The Foundling”. Who or what exactly has appeared on the doorstep an old woman’s cottage in Ireland? Abandoned child, or something else? I was very happy to have this story accepted and printed by Mirador for The Mirador Fantasmagoria anthology in 2011.

From Elsewhere also features “Grey Eyes In Silver”, where a discarded mirror brings more than just everyday reflections.

Them is the weakest story of the collection as it has an abrupt ending, but if you keep going you will find gems.

The best (and longest) romantic story is Forbidden, though I liked The Hearing and The Founding as well.

Mark put the best twist on The Long View and it's one you won't be expecting! I certainly didn't!

Grey Eyes in Silver is a nice tale of the future coming back to the past and what happens from there.

All in all, I give From Elsewhere 4.5 stars


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